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Samantha Russell

I have been working out with Seth for approximately six or seven months now, and the results have been astronomical. Before turning to Mountain Fitness Personal Training and Seth, I had never worked out a day in my life. I wasn't necessarily in the worst of shape; however, I knew that once I started to put the necessary footwork in, I would feel much better about myself and my overall physical health. I took into consideration the fact that I knew not the slightest bit about working out, and decided to look for a trainer! Finding Seth has honestly been a game changer. When I first started, I explained to him I was new to everything. He took things slow, and six months later, exercises that were once extremely difficult for me to complete, I am now performing with extreme confidence. Seth also inspired me to get a gym membership! I try to hit anywhere from two to three appointments a week, and Seth does a phenomenal job at working with my schedule. Whenever I can't make it to an appointment, I go to the gym, and I know what I am doing, how to do it, as well as the areas I am targeting. Turning to Seth has improved my overall physical health, my self-esteem, and has completely changed my preconceived notion that working out can't be fun! Working out no longer feels like a chore, and it's slowly turning into a lifestyle! I honestly couldn't be more pleased with my results.


Ronnie Gregory

I have been training with Seth now for about 16 months. I can honestly say “I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it.” I had no gym experience and though his workouts are tough and consistent, he makes it enjoyable. I have come a long way thanks to Seth. All the staff and clients at MFPT are awesome. I highly recommend Seth and the staff for your fitness needs.


Julianne Black

I cannot rate this place highly enough! I have never been a fan of exercise of ANY description but now being of “a certain age” had decided it was time to start some strength training and to go to a personal trainer in order to learn how to do the necessary exercises properly (and to be accountable and maybe slim down a bit too).
I am astonished that I absolutely love my PT sessions and how much I get out of them. Each session incorporates different exercises so it never gets boring. Seth knows exactly how far to push me without being a drill sergeant and he takes a lot of time to ensure I get the maximum benefit from his expertise, including helping me stay on track (physically and nutritionally) outside of my time in his gym.
I don’t think there could be anyone better than Seth and his team to go to if you’re considering some personal training. He genuinely cares about you reaching your goals.


Lesley Vize

I was visiting my relatives from Ireland when my sister in law suggested I join her for a PT session with Seth. Although I run regularly I haven't been with a personal trainer in 10 years. From the start Seth made me feel very welcome and explained the exercises fully to me before each one. I tried some that I had never tried before ( the ropes 😧) and enjoyed all of them thoroughly. Two days after, I could feel that every muscle in my body had been worked hard, which is what I would want from a Trainer. I would thoroughly recommend that you give Seth a try.....I know he could help you transform your body into the shape you would want or build your fitness to the level you desire. I'm sure next time I visit, I will pay Moutain Fitness a visit. Thanks again Seth.


Betsy O'Leary

Thank you Seth ! If you are looking for personal attention, focus on your goals and workout tailored to your needs then this is the place for you!
Seth takes the time to listen to what is important to your physical health and helps you develop steps to achieve it!


Chesney S

Such an amazing place! I am new to working with a trainer and have absolutely loved my experience. It is more expensive to get a trainer than a typical gym membership but they work with you and are much more reasonable than other trainers or if you train privately at a gym. I work with Seth who is extremely kind, humorous, and helps me reach my goals. I can't say enough how much I recommend working with him or any of their staff. It has quickly become the highlight of my week and has made a huge impact on my life.



Susan Stainsby

I began training with Seth last year and didn't think I would make it through the first session. I could barely lift the lightest weight, tired quickly, and was easily overwhelmed. But, Seth is a great motivator and while he lets me complain quite frequently, he never lets me give up. He takes the time demonstrate exercises, explain what muscles are being targeted, and always ensures they are being performed correctly. He has shown me that it's not about the numbers on the scale but about how strong and healthy I am becoming. I never dreamed I would enjoy working out but I look forward to each session and pushing myself to work harder. I highly recommend Seth at Mountain Fitness and both his personal training and group classes.

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