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I want to look like that!

Can I look like [insert name here]?

Lots of us have people who we would like to look like. Whether it’s an actor or actress, or maybe an instagram “influencer,” you see this person and you think, I would be happy if I could just have their body. Is it realistic to have a goal to achieve that look? Short answer? Yes. Long answer ahead...

When contemplating whose physique you’d like to emulate, it’s important to be realistic. In other words, I’m not a tall person, I’m a stockier build, that’s means I should give up my dreams of looking like Lebron James or Michael Phelps! It’s also important to remember that many of these actors or athletes have a lot more time and resources to achieve these looks, and are often doing it for a specific role or event. They don’t walk around the rest of the year looking shredded. Maybe fit, but not like we see them.

I can remember when I first started working out again, I would google a specific person and then workout, like “Jason Statham workout,” and I would often come up empty handed, or with a cookie cutter generic workout that Joe-Shmo put on there. On certain occasions, I would actually find an interview or video with some of my favorite athletes or celebrities workouts. It’s not necessarily bad to do a version of these workouts, but keep in mind they’ve probably been training for a long time. So, when you see The Rock hip thrusting hundreds of pounds, it’s best not to start with that. Hip thrusts are great, but you should start with very little or no weight, focus on form, then work your way up appropriately.

As is true with any goals, the key is consistency. I had a client recently squat and deadlift her own body weight. What an accomplishment! Then I said next we will focus on double body weight. She laughed, but I said in my serious trainer voice “why not?” It’s great to have big goals, but it’s hard to be patient as you work to achieve these goals. It’s good to have a goal physique, because it gives you something to work towards. Develop and stick to a plan, and you’ll see great results, even if you don’t make it on a magazine cover!


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