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But why??

You’ve decided you want to get in shape. But why? Part of me wants to think it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re exercising. Actually, it’s the MOST important question and factor. You want to be trimmed. Why? I want to bulk up and get big. How come? For what purpose?

There is no wrong answer, but it is a question that helps to figure out the answer to. A good portion of the time, the reason is superficial. It was for me when I started exercising as an adult. Personally, it got me started and my goals and reasons have evolved, but that was after I fell in love with the process. I enjoyed getting stronger. I liked the idea of living a longer, healthier life, to spend with my family. But, it all started because I wanted to be a more attractive spouse. As time has gone on, I’ve become less fixated on the physical appearance side, and focused more on being well rounded and strong, and I’ve changed more physically as a result.

Although the reasons changed for me, that doesn’t mean that it was a bad reason. We should just be honest with ourselves and be aware. Once you figure out the reason, whatever it may be, we need to use that. Write it down, remind yourself as you take the first steps, and a month into working towards your goal, and 6 months in. If you are looking for a certain appearance, use that to your advantage. Make your insecurities becomes your strengths (I know, sounds corny). Evaluate later on to see how your goals shift, and set small goals for yourself. A good example is to set a goal to be able to do a plank for a minute, then 2 minutes. Or to squat a certain amount of weight. Create a fun competition for yourself.

Most of us are insecure, to varying degrees of severity. I’m not where I want to be. If I were to go back in time 8 or so years ago, I would have seen my current self and be proud. Now though, I enjoy the chase. I like playing with different foods and seeing what kind of results I have. I like designing different workouts for myself and experimenting.

Wrapping up, do a self talk (not out loud, other humans think that’s odd) and decide what’s driving you, what motivates you, and use that to your advantage. Whatever your “why”, could lead you down a lifelong path to a better you (there I go being corny again).


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